Physical education tutorial
The very first PDHPE tutorial of the semester was fun, engaging, informative and most importantly - physically active. An interactive introduction activity of filling in a worksheet with the class, allowed everyone to get to know each other a little bit better whilst calming nerves through forming friendships through both similarities and differences. Next, warm up games such as cat and mouse and bullrush engaged the class and gave everyone a sense that physical activity is not only good for you but also fun. Personally, one of the most rewardable lessons that I took away from this class was that if students see that you are enjoying yourself, they will too. Another important lesson that I took away from this class was also that all students should be playing and engaged at all times, and that no student, no matter their circumstance, should be left out or uninvolved.

Personal development and health tutorial

Teaching primary school students about the reproductive system can be uncomfortable for both teachers and students. Whilst this is a subject that needs to be handled with care, patience and discussed appropriately, teaching children about male and female body parts can also be informative and engaging. This topic is essential to students personal learning and when taught effectively, it will assist in increasing student knowledge and awareness. In turn, students will understand and be aware of the changes that they may counter and will know how to deal with them both physically and emotionally. It is essential that such a topic should be discussed age appropriately and additional considerations in the classroom must sometimes be undertaken in relate to sensitive issues that may be personal to individual students. Teaching tools such as images, books and diagrams can be very useful when teaching this subject.